How to Remove Paint from Fiberglass?


To remove a paint from a fibreglass, apply the paint remover on a fibreglass surface and let it soften and become loose. However, do not let it stay long it can damage it. Scrape the paint off with a knife then scrub any stripper remnant off by use of rag with denatured alcohol.
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1. Fill a bucket with water and mix in a decent amount of mild detergent. Clean the entire surface of the boat using a sponge to remove any mineral buildup or slime. Rinse with clean
1. Place a drop cloth underneath the bottom of the door. Make sure that the drop cloth is not touching any part of the surface that will be painted. Open the can of oil base paint
1. Place a few washcloths into the bottom of a plastic pail, and dampen them with distilled white vinegar. Place the cloths on the stains in your fiberglass shower, and leave them
1. Touch the area gently with a very sticky tape, such as packing tape. Dab the area with the tape to see if the fiberglass spicules stick to it and come out. 2. Heat the wax from
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The Best Way to Remove Paint From Fiberglass
Removing paint from fiberglass can be a difficult task, as you want to remove the top layer of paint without damaging the fiberglass finish underneath. Sanding is the best way to remove paint when you're looking to cover with a new coat of paint, while... More »
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Paint can safely and easily be removed from any fiberglass surface just by using the right paint stripper. A methylene chloride stripper is the best choice, because it will remove the paint successfully without damaging the fiberglass underneath. You can find more information at
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