How do you remove a permanent marker?


It would depend on the surface. Try rubbing toothpaste into marker then scrub off with damp cloth (just plain toothpaste???not the gel). This should work on wood paneling, painted walls and porcelain.
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1 Use alcohol. Find yourself some liquor. Bourbon works just fine, especially 101 proof. Any liquor above 80 proof will work for this, but rubbing alcohol works even better. Apply
1. If the permanent market stain is on clothing, apply a small amount non-oily hairspray or rubbing alcohol directly to the stain. 2. Blot the stain with a white hand towel. As you
You can remove the ink with WD-40™. You can buy WD-40 at your local hardware store. WD-40 is normally used to lubricate doors and joints that creak but it also removes ink.
I dont no if this works for clothing but i no that u should try hairspray or rubbing alcohol cuz thats what gets out sharpie.
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Ways to Remove Permanent Marker
Removing permanent marker from any surface can be a highly aggravating chore, but it's usually possible. The ink from a permanent marker is enduring, so marks may not be completely removable but often can be lightened considerably.... More »
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The history of permanent markers go back all the way to 1910. They are not completely permanent, however. You can remove them from many surfaces with a Magic Eraser.
A good tool for removing permanent marker is the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. A plus is that is cheap and can be found at almost any department store.
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