How to Remove Polyurethane from Hands?


Polyurethane is a polymer composed of a series of organic units joined by urethane links.When it gets to your hands it can be difficult to remove. However with the right ingredients, you can actually wash it off your hands. Rinse off the mineral spirits and scrub your hands with Lava soap for several minutes.
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The best method to remove polyurethane is a mechanical method such as using a sander or
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You can remove Polyurethane from hands first was your hands in spirit and rub them together. Then rinse off the spirits and wash your hands with lava soap and you will feel the Polyurethane starting to move. If there is still residue left on your hands, soak them in mineral spirits for several minutes, then repeat the process again.
The most effective way to remove polyurethane from your hands is by using vegetable oil. The oil is a solvent that dissolves the polyurethane. Once you have removed all the stains you can wash your hands like you normally would.
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