How to Remove Scorch Marks from Clothes?


To remove scorch marks from clothes, use an eye dropper to apply drops of hydrogen peroxide to the stained surface. Next, let it stand for several minutes keeping it moist using the chemical. After that, flush with water and then launder using oxygen bleach.
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1. Soak an old, separate cloth in hydrogen peroxide. Place it over the scorch mark. Iron the two pieces of fabric with an iron set on low. Continue to do it until the scorch mark
1. Check that the item is 100% cotton. Ad. 2. Soak the item in freshly squeezed lemon juice. 3. Rinse the item in warm water. 4. Hang outside to dry in direct sunlight. Ad.
with some elbow grease of course.sand it & revarnish!
On white fabrics only sponge area with diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. For other fabrics brush the area then wash, rub with vinegar also suggested
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