How to Remove Scratches?


To remove scratches from wood you need to buy a scratch repair stick. The sticks look like crayons and come in wood colors. Just rub the scratch with it and it will blend in with the rest of the furniture.
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How to Remove Scratches
Even if you handle them carefully, CDs and DVDs often acquire nicks and scratches. If you bump the disk even lightly, you may end up with a small blemish that can hinder how it plays. When small scratches and dings mar the surface of a CD or DVD in your... More »
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Scratches in cars can often be waxed out. Scratches in leather can be removed using leather moisturizers. Scratches in paint can be touched up with matching paint.
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If you knew how to remove scratches from eyeglasses it would sure make our lives easier! There are a few different ways you can approach the scratch removing. This site has some wonderful
1. Start out with a good cleaning. If the scratches are deep enough, you may have to sand them away, but it is always better for the metal if you can simple fill them in. Apply the
There are several ways to remove scratches from a PS2 game. A machine can be purchased in which you insert the CD and it will remove the scratches. A home remedy to remove the scratches
1. Place a few drops of the display polish on the scratched screen. 2. Polish the scratched area(s) using a clean, soft cloth. Apply heavy pressure to the scratched area(s) 3. Repeat
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Removing scratches from Xbox games is much like removing scratches from CDs. To remove scratches from Xbox games, start by getting a CD cleaning system. These ...
It depends on what you are removing scratch marks from as to how you can remove them. For example, if you have scratch marks in your steel sink, you can polish ...
There are several things you can buy to remove scratches from cds. The best way I found to remove scratches is wipe the cd down with a alcohol swab, when it has ...
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