How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Lenses?


There are three easy ways to remove scratches from plastic eyeglass lenses. You can apply white grease pencil to the lenses, filling in the scratches and then buffing the lenses with a clean chamois. You can apply a glass etching product with a clean, soft cloth the the lenses, allow it to dry as per instructions and then wash it off. (Note-this may remove anti-glare and non-scratch coatings.) The third way is to apply an oil based wood dusting or cleaning product to your lenses. Rub a small amount on each lens, let dry and then wash off.
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1. Tape off the headlight lenses using masking tape to cover the body panels around the lens covers. This will keep any compound from getting onto your paint. 2. Clean the lenses
It is very easy to remove stickers from plastic with simple cleaning products! My all time favorite sticker remover is the line of Goo-Gone products. You can order Goo-Gone here:
You can't do it. That is the trade off you made for some other quality when you bought your lenses.
I am using toothpaste, rubbing in small circles with a soft cloth. Takes 4-5 applications.
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How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Lenses
Many eyeglasses and sunglasses are made out of plastic. Plastic can scratch quite easily, and scratched lenses are more than an annoyance--they can affect your ability to see objects clearly. Restoring clear vision doesn't mean you need to buy a new pair... More »
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You will need glass etching compound, liquid furniture polish, metal polish, cigarette ashes, soft cloth and soap. Cover both sides of your plastic lenses with ...
There can be several ways of removing scratches from plastic. It will depend on what type of plastic it is, and how deep the scratches are. Some plastics can have ...
You can use nail polish remover to remove super glue from plastic eyeglass lenses. Use a cotton swab to dab the area covered in the glue. Blot the remover and ...
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