How to Remove Scratches on Window Pane?


To remove scratches on a window pane, simply apply rubbing compound using a clean banian cloth onto the surface and then rub it on the scratches in a circular motion. Examples of rubbing compounds you can use are 3M and Sickens rubbing compound.
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1. Apply rubbing compound with a clean banian cloth. Rub it on the scratches, using a circular motion. Try 3M or Sickens rubbing compound. 2. Mix cerium oxide with water to make a
use one of those scrapper razors then clean up fully withpaint thinner.
Do you need to remove a casement window pane? Well, it is an easy project. You can definitely do it by yourself. Of course, you have to source the necessary tools first. After that,
Glass doctor may do it at reasonable price, otherwise may replace it. There is a filler liquid that they apply and cure it with UV light in 30 Minutes and buff out the residual.
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