How to Remove Shoe Polish from Carpet?


Removing shoe polish from a carpet is not complicated. Just start by wiping as much as you can from the carpet. They use rubbing alcohol to wipe the polish.
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If a large amount of shoe polish sits on the carpet, scoop or scrape up as much as possible with the bowl of a plastic spoon or the edge of a plastic knife. Keep a clean rag or paper
with Goo Gone, or the magic earaser sponge, steam, or try a mixture of these things to see if they together work.
A main ingredient of shoe polish is honey wax which is naturally degraded by pepper. By mixing 50ml of water with approx 100g of cracked black pepper, apply the mixture to affected
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How to Remove Shoe Polish From Carpet
Shoe polish may help keep your shoes looking their best, but it has the opposite effect on carpet. A shoe-polish stain left untreated can spread when stepped upon, creating an even bigger mess. Rubbing the stain vigorously may also spread the shoe polish... More »
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