How to Remove Soured Smell out of Clothing?


To remove soured smells out of clothing you need to rewash it. Fill washer with hottest water the clothing can be washed in. Add one cup of baking soda, color safe bleach, or borax with your detergent. Baking soda is great for odor neutralizing. During rinse, add a cup of white vinegar to help get all detergent out and soften clothing. If smell is still there, repeat process then dry completely.
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Raise the Temperature. The hotter the water, the more odor-causing bacteria you kill. Start by rewashing your laundry in the hottest water temperature your clothes can stand. Use
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1 Check your washer. It may sound strange, but your washer could be the source of the mildew. Front-load washing machines are especially prone to trapping moisture and growing mold
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