How to Remove Spare Tire for Dodge Caravan?


In order to remove a spare tire from a Dodge Caravan, you need to push the tire up a bit. This is because there is a release mechanism that needs to be unlatched. Lots of people try pulling the tire straight out which does not work.
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1. Open the lift gate of the Caravan. Pull up on the release lever on the left-side storage compartment. Remove the storage compartment cover. Remove the tool pouch from the compartment
Answer The instructions will be located in the owners handbook, and should be also on the spare tire's cover. Answer 2005 Dodge Cargo Van - one version of instructions 1. Remove jack
If the spare tire is under the van there should be a hole by the licence plate to crank it down with a jack handle
every ones right on this one,its under neath of it and is lowered down with a wrench,that is furnished with it,good luck. Source(s) been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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