How do I remove starch from clothing?


If the garment is white, you can remove starch by applying bleach to the clothing item. Use more bleach than you would on normal circumstances and then rinse in warm water. It the cloths are coloured let them to soak in warm water with a detergent for a couple of hours and then wash them as normal.
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To remove starch from clothing first soak the clothes in water. Then put them in the washing machine and run a cycle with soap and hot water. It might not come ...
You can remove starch from a shirt in the washing machine. If the fabric allows, wash the shirt in hot water and then hang it to dry. If any starch is left over, ...
Soaking potatoes for a few hours in water, fully submerged, can remove some excess starch. Boiling potatoes can also remove excess starch. However, all starch ...
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