How to Remove Stuck Spark Plug Wires.?


1. Spray a small amount of WD-40 around the edge of the spark plug wire. Make sure you get the lubricant on and around the surface where the plug wire meets the valve cover or the distributor cap (depending on which end you are trying to remove) 2.
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How to Remove Stuck Spark Plug Wires
If you let your spark plug wires go for more than 30,000 miles without being changed (and even sometimes if you don't), they can be difficult to remove. The constant heating and cooling of the engine every day can cause the rubber to stick to the spark... More »
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You should probably not use liquid wrench because you don't want penetrating oil to get into your engine or cylinder head. It can seep past the spark plug threads, the valve cover
To replace spark plug wires you need to go to the parts store and get the ones that go to your vehicle. The one by one change them making sure to use plug grease so they slide on
Answer Cut them off- after 10 years it's time to replace
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If a spark plug wire is stuck, try using a pair of pliers or a crescent wrench to remove it. In some cases, the end may need to be completely cut to get it off. ...
Removing a stuck spark plug can be tricky. You do not want to break anything and make the situation worse. When my husband got in this situation, he just kept ...
I remove one spark plug wire at a time. This keeps me straight on what wire goes where. Remove one wire and then measure that wire up against the new wires. Use ...
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