How can you remove the file SXS.exe?


To remove SXS.exe, simply right click the file and press delete. If it does not delete, this means it is part of your system files and cannot be removed. You will then have to move the file to another location and try deleting it again.
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1. Print these directions before proceeding because you will have to restart your computer. 2. Click the Windows "Start. Click "Run" and type "SystemRoot%\system32
1. Turn on your computer and log in. Click on the "Start" menu and open "Control Panel. 2. Select "System" in "Control Panel" and click "System
1. Click the "Start" button on the desktop; then select "Run. This will load a new window containing just one search bar. Type "msconfig" into the bar and
1. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete. 2. Click on \"Task Manager.\" 3. Click on the \"Processes\" tab. 4. Right-click on \"autorun.exe,\" and select \"End
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