How to Remove Tarnish from Costume Jewelry?


To remove tarnish from costume jewelry one needs to use an aluminum pie plate. Add one tsp of baking soda and salt to the pie plate and add hot (not boiling) water. Allow the salt and baking soda mixture to dissolve and place jewelry in water mixture. Leave the jewelry in the mixture until the tarnish disappears, remove and gently dry with soft cloth.
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1. Find a pan large enough to soak your jewelry and line the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil. 2. Place your tarnished jewelry in the pan. Make sure it's evenly distributed. 3
To remove tarnish: Line the bottom of a pan with aluminum foil. Set the silver
I'm sure that Queen Elizabeth doesn't have this problem but sometimes our jewelry can leave stains on our clothing. I've had what looks like tarnish left on light-colored jackets,
hi, not to be disrespectful,but i think it is risky to clean ur jewelr with toothpaste or boil it "Never boil gold, and avoid using ammonia, toothpaste, a powder cleanser or
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It is easy to clean tarnished jewelry. You can purchase a tarnish remover at a discount store or jewelry store. You can make your own tarnish remover using water ...
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