How do you remove tie dye from your hands?


Soap, water and time are the most effective way of removing tie dye. You can try exfoliating to remove excess dead skin which has the paint on it. There is also a cleaner called ReDuRan that works pretty good but use before you add water.
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1. Soak up as much of the dye as possible with clean cloths. Do this as soon as possible. In some cases you may be able to remove all of the dye this way. 2. Mix ¼ tsp liquid
1. Buy a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap. It should be available at most home improvement stores, big box stores, or even Dollar General. It's pretty inexpensive if you buy a small bottle
The best solution, after an ordinary scrubbing with mild soap, is
1. Take vegetable oil and pour it directly on your hands. The oil will break down the stain and help remove it. 2. While the oil in on your hands, rub them together, making sure you
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I always end up getting a little dye on my hands whenever I happen to tie dye a shirt, or pants. I've found a little liquid soap, and some scrubbing will eventually do the trick. For more information see here: ;
It is recommended that gloves are used to protect hands from being stained during a tie dying process. However if you discover a colored tinge to the skin on your hands after the tie dying process, the best method for removal is the use of a skin exfoliating soap. Exfoliating the skin will removed the stain dead skin cells. The process of removing any stains from tie dye may take several sessions of scrubbing and washing to remove completely.
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