How to Remove Tile Countertops?


To remove tile countertops, you will first need to pry off an edge tile. These are typically called bull nose tiles. Once you've removed the edge tiles, you can use a pry bar to remove the field tiles. You can also use a hammer to break the tiles if you will be replacing the sub-surface as well.
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1. Remove the grout from around the tile you wish to salvage using a carbide tipped grout scraper. Dig the point of the scraper into the grout and dig it into and under the grout
1 Prepare a base for your countertop. Draw the tile countertop dimensions on a piece of 0.75 inch (2 cm) plywood. If you are replacing an existing countertop, you may trace its shape
Coordinating a set of interior colors requires close observation. The goal requires colors to work together visually and not necessarily to match exactly. The distance between the
1. Clean the Formica or laminate countertop with dish soap and warm water. Use a clean rag to scrub the Formica so that it is clean and free of grease and dust. Dry the countertop
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How to Remove a Countertop Tile
Tile countertops can make a great alternative to granite or other solid surface counters. Since each tile is set individually, you can remove them again individually, as well, if a tile breaks and needs to be replaced. You may use one of two methods to... More »
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