How do you remove vinyl flooring from concrete?


To remove vinyl flooring from concrete, cut each piece in to sections for easier removal. Slide a knife scraper under the vinyl flooring and pry up. Apply boiling water to the adhesive and let sit for a few minutes before scraping away the adhesive from the floor.
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1. Purchase a multipurpose adhesive remover. Most of the commercial solvents available can safely be applied to all industrial and household surfaces, including concrete. 2. Prepare
Heat the vinyl with an old electric iron and use a scraper.
1. Open windows or doors and run exhaust fans to ventilate the work area. Even the least toxic adhesive removers produce some odor, and breathing in the fumes from strong chemical
1. Remove all carpet remnants by scraping with a heavy-duty blade or spackling tool. Take off as much of the carpet chunks as you can. 2. Use the push broom to sweep away the remnants
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How to Remove Vinyl Flooring From Concrete
Before you begin the time-consuming task of removing the vinyl covering from your basement or mudroom floor, you should ask yourself whether it's really necessary; in many cases, you can lay a new floor directly over old vinyl. If there's no other way,... More »
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