How to Remove Wheel Hub?


To remove a wheel hub, you need to dismantle the knuckle as well as the brakes. This will allow you to remove the hub.
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How to Remove a Wheel Hub
Many car owners who don't mind a little do it yourself mechanic work will balk when it comes to working on the wheel bearings. This is usually because replacement or repacking of wheel bearings requires that you remove the wheel hub, and many amateur... More »
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1. Remove the wheel and brake caliper assembly and set them aside so that you have working space around the wheel hub. You can use a wire coat hanger to support the caliper so as
when you have the tire off the hub try to wiggle the hub off if that doesnt work take a 2 pound hammer and hit the sides of the hub but not to hard.
Removing a steering wheel is fairly simple to do. Begin by taking off the horn assembly and the airbag, if your vehicle has one. Then you can mount a steering wheel puller to easily
Removing a front wheel hub, or "rotor" in many cases, is basically the same on most vehicles. 4x4's usually require the removal of an axle, but that is for another article
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1. Park the vehicle on a flat surface and turn off the ignition. Set the emergency brake and place a wood block behind one of the front tires to keep the vehicle ...
1. Loosen the rear wheel lugs using the tire iron, then put the wheel chocks around the front wheels. Lift up the rear of the Celica with the jack and put jack ...
The wheel hub on a vehicle is the bearing mechanism and the axle that the wheel revolves around. There may come a time when you need to remove the hub. This could ...
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