How do you renew a Philippine passport online?


Philippine passport can be renewed online by providing all your personal details and filling the online passport form. For passport renewal, you need to provide certain documents and then your Philippine passport will be renewed after the fulfillment of the official procedures. For more information about Philippine passport, view
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1 The first step is to go visit and then click on the "DFA Express Passport Delivery" option located at the topmost part of the webpage. 2 From the
Issuance or renewing a passport requires a personal visit. From my understanding you can make an appointment online only but it will depend on how lucky you get to receive a response
1. Go to your local passport agency or acceptance facility. Both clerk of court offices and post offices are examples of acceptance facilities. You can find facilities near you on
When renewing your German passport, you need to personally file your application at the closest German mission during its visiting hours. You can download the necessary application
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