How to Repair a Fiberglass Pool?


Consider getting a professional to repair your pool. It is easy to do more damage if you do not know what you are doing. You can get Fibre-Shelkote pool repair material, read the directions and fix it yourself. To buy Fibre-Shelkote pool repair products, go here:
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Things You'll Need. Clean rags. Rough sandpaper. Scissors. Fiberglass resin and cloth. Disposable paintbrush. 3-inch putty knife. Spray paint (same color as your pool). Rubber gloves
Duct Tape. You don't. You replace either the top or the bottom damaged piece or replace the entire filter. However if the leak is coming from an area that should have a gasket as
Things You'll Need. Soft cloth. Towel. Vinyl patch kit. Scissors. Instructions. Drain all water from the pool. Wipe the area to be patched with a soft, damp cloth to clean it of all
1. Clean the crack and surrounding area using bleach and a scrub brush. Remove any soap scum buildup that is on the shower floor. Rinse the shower out and then dry the repair area
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How to Repair a Fiberglass Pool
Swimming pools are a luxury item enjoyed by people all over America. One of the most popular and least expensive building materials for pools is fiberglass. These pools are quick to install, but they are also somewhat fragile. In the event your... More »
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