How to Repair a Porcelain Bathtub Scratch?


In order to repair a porcelain bathtub scratch, you need to use a rebuffing agent. It could you also use an anti-blemish agent. Alternatively, you could get the entire bathtub covered in a new layer of enamel.
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How to Repair a Porcelain Bathtub Scratch
A bathtub is a significant part of your bathroom, and if it has a scratch or blemish, it detracts from the look of the entire room. Bathtubs can be refinished entirely to look brand new, but there is no need to do this if your bathtub has only a small... More »
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1. Determine if the scratch is small enough to be repaired. If you have many large scratches and/or chips, you may want to get the bathtub completely re-enameled. This can be expensive
Kathy, they sell Porcelain repair kits at the hardware store in the paint department. It is like "White Out" kind of. You brush it on over the scratch and then allow to
You can repair the sink with an epoxy based porcelin kit Epoxy will not show brush streaks it will levelitself out do not get any kits from HD or Lowes they do not harden Go to Sherwin
A cracked porcelain tub or sink can be a catastrophe when it involves your favorite antiques. Once a crack begins, if it is not repaired as soon as possible, it can spread causing
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There are actual kits available that will aid one in repairing small scratches, scrapes, and gouges in a porcelain bathtub. In almost every case, you would simply ...
The best way to repair scratched porcelain is to use a porcelain repair kit from a local hardware store. These repair kits contain a glazing compound that will ...
In order to repair porcelain sink scratches you will need a soft cloth, pumice stone and a razor or utility knife. You will also need porcelain compund and some ...
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