How do you repair a tumble dryer?


To repair a tumble dryer, first disconnect the dryer unit from its socket and locate the lint screen on the top of the dryer or inside the door. Slide a putty knife between the dryers front panel from its top corners and place a phone book or wooden block inside the foot panel. After this, lean the front panel out from the dryer and slip the new belt over the top part of the drum. Slide a substitution belt over the defective belt on the drum and push the idler pulley toward the motor and lastly reinstall the front panel.
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1. Check the plug to ensure it is fully inserted in the socket. 2. Check that the door of the tumble dryer has been properly closed. 3. Check the circuit panel in your home to ensure
Learning how to repair a dryer is a money saving option when you need your laundry room to run smoothly. Repairing a dryer requires a bit of mechanical and electrical knowledge, but
They blow hot dry air through the clothes as they tumble inside the drum of the drier.
1 Unplug it from the mains. Ad 2 Take top off. 3 Put it on its back. 4 Unscrew kick plate at front at the bottom. Don't unscrew top screws which attach the control panel. 5 Lift the
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