How do I repair a vintage rain lamp?


Rain lamps are fairly simple to repair, depending on what is wrong with it. To change the bulb, you should unplug the lamp. Then, using a paper towel, you should wipe down all fishing line. Unscrew the old bulb and replace with a new one. Next, check the pump by seeing if the blade wheel will move, if it does, it is good. If it does not move, it should be replaced. Old fishing line can be replaced by removing the old ones, tieing a knot in some new line and thread through until restrung. Tie the new end in a knot and secure into place.
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1. Unplug the lamp to disassemble it for extensive repair or cleaning. Place plastic sheeting under your work area, cover with newspaper, and keep paper towels handy. Reach through
1 Take your lamp apart. You will probably have to take the bottom off of it to get to the nut and washer there. Ad 2 Get your various parts. You may not need all of them. 3 Remove
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How to Repair a Vintage Rain Lamp
Vintage "rain" lamps have one working part, the pump, making this a simple lamp to repair or maintain. To make the "rain," oil is pumped into the top canopy and drips down the strands of fishing line. The light shining on the oil creates the effect of... More »
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