How to Repair a Washing Machine?


To repair a washing machine, you must first establish what the problem is. For instance, if the machine appears to be completely dead and will not work, ensure that the machine is connected to a live socket. You can test it by plugging in another appliance like a radio to see if it is working. Make sure that you are using the right extension and that the machine door is locked at the three o'clock position before switching it on. If the machine keeps switching itself off, ensure that it is not on Standby mode. You can also call a technician for repairs.
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Even though there are very many useful tips online on washing machine repair it is advisable to seek the help of a trained service engineer when planning to repair a washing machine. Never underestimate the washing machine safety or the dangers of electricity.
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In order to repair washing machines, you will need to determine the problem. Your solution may involve replacing a hose or checking the electrical system. For more information look
1. Hold a hair dryer over the dent for 45 seconds or until the area is hot to the touch. 2. Hold a piece of dry ice in the center of the dent as soon as the hair dryer is taken away
1 Water is not draining If water is not draining, it might be caused by a clogged drain or a broken washer pump . My washing machine repair tip would be to siphon excess water out
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1. Unplug the power cord of the washing machine from the electrical outlet before attempting to repair the washer belt. Turn the water supply off at the shut-off ...
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