How to Repair Binoculars?


To repair binoculars you first have to know which type of binocular you have. The the best thing would be to find a manual for your particular set. A lot of times you can order things like lenses through the manual.
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1. Pull the push-out between the two optic barrels to check the tightness. If the two barrels do not move toward each other easily, the attachment screws are too tight; if the barrels
i have been repairing older zeiss for years .worked for meichsner co. in boston for 25.larry reich 508 833 1232.
Try East street in West Mumbai.
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1. Tighten the optic chamber casing screws by locating the screws along the optic barrel end. Turn the screws clockwise until firm but not forced. 2. Screw the ...
Depending on what specifically is wrong with your binoculars, you may be able to find tutorials on how to fix them. Check your local library or search the internet ...
1. Locate a large building with well-defined vertical and horizontal lines, such as those provided by large windows, and position yourself far enough away from ...
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