How do you repair a blown speaker by yourself?


How you can repair a blown speaker yourself will depend on exactly what component went bad. This will entail checking the speaker part by part or replacing the entire speaker unit. One can also purchase a kit that comes with a variety of parts including speaker wire and a speaker coil. However, if one does not know what they are doing, they should consider having a professional do the work for them.
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1. Remove the front covering of your speaker's enclosure. The design of the covering can vary according to model, but typically they are made of fragile fabric and can be removed
Answer You could repair a blown speaker, but it's way cheaper just to buy a new speaker instead of breaking it open and buying separate parts. To repair a broken speaker, you need
1. Turn on the vehicle. Most vehicles need to be turned on electrically, if not started, for the audio system to play. Ad. 2. Insert a tape, CD or other media with a full sound range
Repair costs for your iPod Touch will depend on
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How to Repair a Blown Speaker Yourself
Speakers are the last component in the signal chain of any stereo or amplification system. Speaker cones, usually made of a paper material, are what convert the electrical signal from an amplifier into air waves that your ear perceives as sound. Over... More »
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