How do you repair a car ceiling?


Depending on the type of car you have, there are various ways to repair a car ceiling. You may have to replace material all together or just glue it back into place. Visit your hardware or auto store for special glue and other supplies.
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1. Tack the headliner back into place. This will work only if there is fiberboard between the fabric and the interior roof of your car - and if the fiberboard is in good condition
To repair your car you can go to the parts store and get a book that will show you how to replace some things. If you don't feel like you can do it take it to a mechanic.
1. Lay plastic tarps over the floor and all objects in the room to protect them from paint splatters. Place a ladder under the damaged ceiling area and climb up onto it with a putty
1. Place a dropcloth on the ground to protect your floor from falling debris. 2. Scrape off the popcorn texture around the leak area with a putty knife. Clear an additional 3 inches
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How to Repair a Car Ceiling
Over time, heat and humidity can cause the fabric ceiling (called the headliner) in your car to loosen. Instead of the smooth surface you had when you bought your car, you have flapping corners or a sagging center. For aesthetic as well as safety... More »
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