How to Repair Cigarette Burns on Car Upholstery?


Repairing cigarette burns on car upholstery may involve cutting off excess vinyl and covering up the burnt area. This could be done by putting on vinyl adhesive to hold it in place.
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1. Look under your car seat for excess vinyl that is tucked away. This is helpful because it is guaranteed to match your car's upholstery. However, you can purchase replacement vinyl
You really cant unless you want to put in new fabric
1. Snip away the singed edges of the carpet with fine manicure scissors. Ad. 2. Use tweezers to pull out the burned fibers and discard the along with the singed clippings. 3. Use
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How to Repair Cigarette Burns on Car Upholstery
If you are a smoker and prefer to smoke inside of your car you may have at one point accidentally dropped a lit cigarette onto the car's upholstery, burning a hole into it. These burns are unsightly and may actually grow in size as time goes on. If you... More »
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