How to Repair Pool Table?


The steps taken to repair a pool table vary depending on the part of the table that requires repairs. For instance, to repair the pool table fabric, simply stretch it out along the surface and staple it back in to place.
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Things You'll Need. Material for pool table top. Razor blade. 200 grit Sandpaper. Contact cement. Pool ball. Instructions. Cut out the damaged piece. Use your razor blade and carefully
1 Choosing the location. When placing your pool table in your home, try your best not to place the table near a large source of natural light. While many people love to play pool
1. Remove the metal stripping around each of the four rails. Most will require a Phillips screwdriver. This will allow you to remove the rails. Then remove the bumper (cushion) 2.
1. Use the white arrows on the rails to find the center of the table for length and width. The light - or series of lights, if multiple shades are mounted on a single light bar -
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How to Repair a Pool Table
The felt on a pool table can easily be torn or ripped. Fortunately, this does not mean you have to just play around the problem or get a new pool table. You can easily repair this type of problem with your pool table entirely on your own. You can even... More »
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