How to Repair Pool Table?


The steps taken to repair a pool table vary depending on the part of the table that requires repairs. For instance, to repair the pool table fabric, simply stretch it out along the surface and staple it back in to place.
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1. Thread the curved needle with the felt thread. 2. Insert the curved needle into the felt about 1 inch away from the repair. Pull the needle under the felt and out towards the beginning
1. Select a sauce pan that is large enough to hold the metal pour pot. The pot should be deep enough to accommodate at least three inches of water and the pour pot. 2. Add three inches
1. Make arrangements to have the Brunswick pool table delivered to your home or transport it there yourself. 2. Decide where in your home you want to place the pool table. 3. Move
1. Drain your swimming pool so the water line is below where you need to repair. If the swimming pool repair is near the top of the pool rim or on the swimming pool coping, you may
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How to Repair a Pool Table
The felt on a pool table can easily be torn or ripped. Fortunately, this does not mean you have to just play around the problem or get a new pool table. You can easily repair this type of problem with your pool table entirely on your own. You can even... More »
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