How do you repair a stapler?


To repair a stapler, grasp the stainless steel part with one hand and the plastic top with the other and pull them apart until you see the inside of the stapler. Use tweezers to pull out as many of the staples from the front of the stapler as possible. Insert a small flathead screwdriver inside and work it under the jammed staple until it is free.
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1. Turn over your Swingline 270 stapler. On the very bottom you will see a small wheel that you can rotate with your thumb or forefinger. Rotate this thumbwheel to release jammed
1 Check that there are staples in the stapler. Do this by opening the stapler - grasp the top and bottom halves of the open end of the stapler and pull apart. If there are sufficient
Well, you have to find out what's wrong with it. Make sure it has some staples in it first. Then look to see if the spring is working properly and if the hole the staples are pushed
the averge stapler is about 7 inches poopsy.
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