How to Repair the Zipper in a Leather Jacket?


Repairing the zipper in a leather jacket can be tricky. Depending on the damage, the repair may be a simple re-alignment of the zipper. In other cases, you may have to re-sew in the zipper tracks so they are correctly aligned.
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How to Repair the Zipper in a Leather Jacket
When purchasing a leather jacket, consider the garment an investment you will enjoy for years. A broken or non-functional zipper is a disappointment because it renders the jacket unusable long before it is shabby or out-of-date. Consumers need to know... More »
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1. Examine the zipper to determine what part is not working. Is the slider stuck somewhere? Is there a problem with the bottom of the zipper where the two sides meet? Is there a problem
We have a new zipper slider that repairs zippers without tools. If put on as original equipment there would not be any more damage to the teeth. I can't explain how many zippers it
Take the jacket to a fabric/sewing store in your area and ask the people there to help you. They sell all kinds of repair items for clothes in those stores. If all else fails, if
It depends on the style but some leather jackets have zippers on the
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1. Visit a fabric shop and purchase a zipper the same length and color as the current zipper on your River Road leather jacket. 2. Zip your jacket up and turn ...
1. Loosen a stuck zipper with a light coating of beeswax. Light the candle and let it burn a few minutes to soften the wax. Rub the soft wax from the top of the ...
1. Purchase a leather repair kit from a local department store. These kits are available in many colors, so chances are that you will find the right color to match ...
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