How to Repel Fleas with a Home Remedy?


There are many different home remedies for repelling fleas and ticks. One method is to use Borax detergent all over the house. Another remedy is to rub oranges over the dog since fleas to not like it.
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1. Add garlic to your pet's meal on a daily basis. The addition of fresh garlic to your dog's food will help to repel fleas naturally. Fleas do not like garlic, and will go out of
Using dawn dish soap seems to work really well! Just take the animal and wash it in water, like the sink, and apply dawn directly to it. Then you just have to pluck off the fleas
Try a cedar oil spray. It is a
A good home remedy for dog fleas are to wash the dog in vinegar and baking soda. The reaction agitates the fleas and removes them from the dogs. One thing to be careful of is to not
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How to Repel Fleas With a Home Remedy
Fleas are small brown insects that feed on blood from pets and people. Once fleas find a suitable food source, it is difficult to control them. There are natural home remedies that you can use to repel fleas, preventing them from using you or your pets... More »
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One fly repellent home remedy is using cucumbers. All you need to do is cut some cucumber slices and place them out in the open. You also could try the old mothball trick.
One home remedy to repel fleas is said to be with Avon Skin-So-Soft. Also, cedar chips are a good, safe and natural repellent.
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A home remedy for getting rid of fleas is, vacuuming the home thoroughly and sprinkling a thin layer of table salt over the carpets and upholstery. Wash the pets ...
A simple home remedy for controlling a fruit fly problem is to make a mixture from apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) and Dawn dish soap. Combine a few drops ...
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