How do you repel lizards?


You can try the electronic lizard repellents on the market. Other ways are natural such an leaving an empty eggshell in areas you seem them frequent and also hanging peacock feathers, these two items cause the lizard to instinctively get out of dodge due to the signs of their greatest predators.... birds.
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1. Place mothballs on window sills to deter lizards from coming inside. Seal cracks with caulk, if there are gaps in the seal of the window. 2. Scatter a few mothballs near entrances
Snake repellent from BioDefend. BioDefend can be purchased on the
I'd rather have the lizards than cats, but getting rid of their food-insects, and keeping the house cooler than sixty five f. at night will send them elsewhere. Glue traps that are
Peacock feathers do work as lizards do not like the soft feathery touch. Moth balls is another solution.
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The best way to repel lizards is to remove anything from around your home that attract them. Your uninvited guests might be gravitating to rocks, log piles, and any food sources. If they are coming into your home; seal any openings 1/4 inch or more. I like them outside but not in! For more information look here: Lizard Management ;
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One good lizard repellent is lemon based oil mixed with some water. Place the solution in a Super Soaker squirt gun and spray the lizards. The lizards don't like ...
Yes, mothballs are an effective lizard repellent However, they are extremely toxic. So, you are going to want to make sure that the mothballs are not where lizards ...
You can use Sulfur granules because it is a repellent to all reptiles. Simply scatter sulfur granules all over the yard and the lizards will find a way out of ...
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