How to Replace a Shower Mixer Valve?


Replacing a shower mixture valve will need you to first turn off the water to the mixer valve. Next, remove the screws or the metal strapping that holds the mixer valve. After that, calculate the distance between the outlets on the valve and then sand the ends of all pieces of pipe. Next, push the couplings in the three cut ends of the pipes and then uncoil solder from its pool. After that, you will then heat the shower coupling by moving its flame. Finally, turn the water supply back on after everything has cooled down.
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1. Turn off the water to the mixer valve at the house's main shutoff valve. Mark the two copper lines going into the bottom of the valve, and the copper line coming out of the top
From a plumbing or cleaning point of view? Whichever, a cloth, bucket and soap will do the trick.
Watch as an expert plumber explains when to replace shower valves in this free online video about home repair. By Don Golden, eHow Contributor Don Golden has been in the business
Hi Tom, While I am not familiar with that model of moen valve, most single handle shower valves have a temperature limit on them. but what you need is a pressure balanced valve, that
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To replace a shower mixer, first turn off the water supply at the main valves and then remove the screws that hold the mixer in place. Then, attach the new mixer ...
A shower mixer valve may need to be repaired if there is a malfunction in the mixer valve. One can find a replacement valve at stores like Lowe's or Home Depot ...
1. Remove the hot water shower handle. You may need to remove a screw in order to do this. 2. Removing the handle will expose the hot water valve stem. There is ...
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