How to Replace a Tile Shower?


The best thing to do these days is tear out the tile shower and replace it with a pre-fabricated stall. Years ago this would of seemed like a down grade, but pre-fabricated stall manufacturing has gotten much better. You will have many styles to choose from. Install it using the instruction on the package.
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1. Plug the drain with an old rag or sock. Tear out the old shower by working a small pry bar underneath the edge tiles and prying them away from the wall. Cut through the wall board
Start the building of your tile shower by making sure the floor is in good shape. Install a water barrier on the walls, then silicone around the drain. Apply the tiles with mortar
When you have damage to your shower surrounding your bath tub, you will need to replace the tile shower. If there is excessive t
1. Turn off the water supply to the shower. In some cases, this may mean shutting off the water supply to the entire home. Make sure that if you accidentally break a pipe you don't
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1. Remove all the old tiles before you begin. If you're only replacing one area, make sure that the tiles you choose match the rest. Look underneath the tiles ...
Remove the grout around the tile carefully to avoid making the nearby tile to come loose, cut the tile with a chizzle starting from the middle slowly to avoid ...
1. Remove any accessories and disconnect the shower head, faucet handles, spout, drain and anything else that can be unscrewed or otherwise removed from the shower ...
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