How do you replace the battery in a Firex smoke alarm?


To replace the battery, unscrew the cover of the smoke alarm. Inside should be the old 9 volt battery. Replace this, making sure it is tight in. Place the cover back on and screw it in, making sure it is secure.
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1. Remove the smoke detector by turning it counterclockwise to remove it from the mounting bracket. Grip the whole top of the smoke detector with your hand and turn it about a half
Remove the old battery. Then reverse the procedure; once you have determined the method of removing the cover. Some twist off, some have to be 'squeezed' to unhinge the snap tab.
Diane, Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine what the problem could be. The beeping might mean that the battery is dead, but it also might mean the the detector is in need
Grab smoke detector and twist …it will come off the bracket. Flip over and follow instructions by Jim D.
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How to Replace the Battery in a Firex Smoke Alarm
Every home should have at least two smoke alarms, and more if possible, depending on the size of the house and the number of rooms. A Firex smoke alarm is a very common alarm that can be battery-operated or hardwired. If you own the battery-operated one,... More »
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