How to Replace Chevy Rear Main Seal?


A person can replace Chevy rear main seal by checking the lip orientation. The seals also need to be checked for leaks. Lubrication will need to be utilized for the main seal.
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As long as your Chevy vehicle has a one piece rear main seal, you can replace it without having to tear the engine apart. Those with a two piece seal require you to remove the engine from your vehicle and remove the rearmost crankshaft bearing cap. This is a job best left to a professional mechanic. With a one piece seal, you must remove the transmission from your vehicle. Then remove the flexplate and pry out the old seal. Lubricate the lip of the new seal and carefully drive it into place. The rest of the job is simply to reinstall the flexplate and transmission.
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You must first remove the transmission and fly-wheel. Then you will see the 1 piece. seal on the crank shaft. Pry it out, it will pop out. Then install new seal in it's place. A seal
1. Remove the transmission. On vehicles with a manual transmission, remove the clutch pressure plate and clutch disk. For automatic transmissions, remove the torque converter. Remove
Several things, the rear main seal is accessable by removing the transmission. if this vehicle is standard transmission, then would recomend new clutch at this time given the amount
Galen. 1979 was NOT the swap over years for the 2 pc to 1 pc seal. That didnt happen untill 1985/86. Cars built after sept. 85 sold under 86 model year. You can do it in the car but
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The Chevy rear main seal can be replaced in all Chevy vehicles. The rear main seal is the seal that is between the engine and the transmission. It can be very ...
To replace the rear main seal on a Chevy motor, you must remove the engine from the car, rotate it oil pan up, remove the oil pan, and then the rear crank hold-down ...
Rear main seals are located at the back of the crankshaft, at the rear of the engine block. Many of these seals can only be installed or replaced by removing the ...
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