How do you replace string on a weed eater?


It becomes necessary to replace the string on your weed eater when the string runs out. Some weed eaters are different than others. Generally, you will start off by cutting off the power source.
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1. Switch the Weed Eater's "On/Stop" button into the "Stop" position. Place the trimmer flat on the ground and rotate the engine so the head sticks upside down
Cut two separate pieces of string, about 7 ft. each. Stick the end of the line in the hole on the inside of spool. Wind clockwise onto spool, putting the line that is closest to the
it actlly all depends on which head you have.but regardless always roll spool putting the line on it, don't roll the line, but the spool, keeps the line able to come off when bumping
1. Insert the plug of the charger that came with your Black & Decker trimmer into an electrical wall outlet. Remove the spent battery from the trimmer by depressing the release
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How to Replace Strings on a Weed Eater
While replacing the string on your Weed Eater with a pre-wound spool is the most convenient method, unfortunately it's not the most cost-effective. Alternately, purchase a large roll of string from a home and garden store and wind more string whenever... More »
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To replace string on a weed eater start by cutting the 2 pieces of string. Open the head of the weed eater. Simply wrapping a piece of the string line around the head until it fills up, then cutting the string, you can measure the size of each of the strings cut. Once you open the head of the weed eater, place the two strings inside the 2 holes in the frame of the weed eater head. Depending on the type of weed eater you have, either wrap the two strings around the head in the same direction. Or wrap them around the head against each other, meaning, one string wrapping clock wise and the other wrapping counter clock wise. Slide the strings out through the holes of the weed eater head. Lock the head back on the mount.
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