How to Replace Tailgate Cables for Chevy?


To replace tailgate cables for Chevy, you need to lower the tailgate and then elevate it slightly. Next, remove the broken cable and punch out the bottom rivet in the tailgate cables with a hand drill and high speed drill bit then remove the latch assembly fastener. After that, apply a lubricant on the drilled out area and place a new fastener and new cable to the latch assembly. Finally, raise the tailgate upward slightly and attach the other end of the cable to the striker bolt. Repeat this procedure on the other side and close it.
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How to Replace Tailgate Cables for a Chevy
At one point there was a factory recall on Chevy tailgate cables. Odds are that you've had them replaced at least once. Unlike other truck models that use cables, Chevy decided to rivet one end of their original equipment tailgates cables. The good news... More »
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1. Lower the tailgate. 2. Lift the tailgate slightly to take tension off either cable that might not be broken. Push the release tab of the upper ringlet to slide of off the striker
Friend just did it for me. He used a grinder and removed the head off the bolt. Bolt still wouldn't come out so grinned it flush with the bracket. Removed the bolts holding bracket
some have to be drilled out good luck,
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1. Park the truck and apply the parking brake. 2. Open the tailgate. Have someone support the tailgate before you begin replacing the hinges. 3. Use a Phillips ...
1. Open the tailgate to a 45-degree angle, allowing slack in the cable. Grasp the cable nut and move it to a horizontal position. Push the cable nut forward to ...
1. Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable. 2. Loosen the equalizer nut on the bracket that connects the parking brake cables underneath the truck using ...
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