How to Replace the Battery on a Pontiac G6.?


1. Remove the cigarette lighter from the power source outlet inside the G6 and insert the vehicle computer memory saver. This device will provide memory to the computer of the G6 so it will not lose pertinent information during removal of the
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How to Replace the Battery on a Pontiac G6
The Pontiac G6 features a 75-series auto battery found on many GM models. As with many other GM models, the battery terminals are side-post connectors. In some late-model G6 engines, the battery is covered under a protective panel on the driver's side of... More »
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Any place that sells batteries can tell you the correct size.
You bet you can do it cheaper. Go get a Die Hard battery with a 4 year warranty for about $80 & remove it yourself. You'll only need common household tools. Ask any dude for help
$10.00-$20.00 depending what kind you get and where you get them.
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Pontiac G6 refers to a medium size car produced under the Pontiac brand of General Motors. Pontiac G6 was first introduced in 2004 to replace the Grand Am. In ...
1. Turn off the engine of the G6 and open the hood. Put on gloves. Remove the two screws at the front of the headlamp assembly. 2. Remove the six plastic push ...
The Pontiac G6 replaced the Grand Am in 2004. It had more conservative styling features than the Grand Am. It was considered to be the sixth generation of Grand ...
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