How to Replace the Drip Pan in a Central Air Conditioner?


Replacing or repairing your drip pan in your central air unit is a easy task that should take you a hour or two to complete. Here is a tutorial on how to do it. .
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1. Disconnect the power supply to the air conditioning unit. 2. Remove the hatch on the air conditioner that covers the coil unit. 3. Examine the drip pan to see if it is held in
Depending on the make of the evaporator coil you may be able to still to buy a replacement drip pan if they no longer make it you will have to replace the evaporator all together.
Never! If it's low on refrigerant it has leaked.
Knowing the facts about central air condition can help you keep heat and humidity outside. Here, we take a look at how to know when to replace your central air conditioner, how it
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How to Replace the Drip Pan in a Central Air Conditioner
Drip pans, also called condensate pans, are placed under the air conditioner coils to catch any condensation that forms. There are two types of drain pans: a primary pan that is installed on the coil, and an auxiliary pan that is either installed inside... More »
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