How do you replace the heating element in a Roper dryer?


In replacing a Roper dryer heating element, first is to prepare the tools and materials needed. Turn off the dryer and locate the heating element to be replaced. This can be found at the back part of the dryer and can be accessed by removing the back panel. Remove the back panel then unscrew the mountings of the heating element situated at the right part of the back panel.
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1. Unplug the power cord of the Roper dryer from the electrical outlet before replacing the heating element. 2. Slide a putty knife between the top lid and the dryer cabinet near
1. Unplug the dryer. Ad. 2. Take off dryer exhaust hose and remove the back panel. 3. Look at the back of the dryer. On the right side, you'll see a long metal (probably gray) housing
1. Start out by disconnecting any power going to the dryer. You can do this by unplugging the power cable or cutting off the power in the laundry room at the circuit breaker. 2. Move
1. Unplug the Kenmore dryer from the dryer electrical wall outlet. 2. Remove the two hex head screws that secure the toe panel to the dryer with a nut driver. The screws are on the
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How to Replace the Heating Element in a Roper Dryer
Occasionally, the heating element on the Roper dryer will wear out or break, preventing the dryer from heating up. The Roper dryer uses a 27 inch heating element, located in the front of the dryer below the drum. Replacing the heating element in the... More »
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One can purchase a Roper Dryer heating element at a variety of appliance stores. These parts are also carried at some home improvement stores and can be purchased ...
Heating element range from $40 - $85 depending on the type and model of the dryer you have. Also if you are having someone else do it for you then you will have ...
In order to change an Amana dryer heating element, you will need to first unplug the machine from the outlet. You will then need to remove the panel on the front ...
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