How do you replace the neutral safety switch?


Replacing the neutral safety switch on your car can be done with ease. You can do it yourself, but it would be much easier to have someone help you when you replace it. The neutral safety switch will usually be on top of the transmission. You will have to remove the gearshift cable in order to get to the switch. Make sure you disconnect the cable carefully. Once you take the switch out you simply have to install the new one. Make sure you secure and re-connect everything properly.
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Learning how to replace the neutral safety switch is not difficult, but a helper will make the job go much faster in the case of a standard style switch. The reason for this is that
1. Jack up your car or truck and set the jack stands in place. Set your vehicle on the jack stands and then push down on the bumper to make sure it is secure. Disconnect the negative
Where is the Neutral Safety Switch for a 1999 Nissan Maxima
The switch should be on the drivers side of the tranny where the shift linkage attaches to it. You will need a 13mm socket and a 15 mm socket . You will also need a heat gun , the
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How to Replace a Neutral Safety Switch
In the early to mid 1980s car manufacturers began installing a safety device in all vehicles called a neutral safety switch, which prevents you from starting your vehicle in any gear except for park or neutral. This safety feature came on the heels of... More »
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