How to Report a Website?


To report a website, you need to make a report to Action Fraud. Action Fraud is a service set up by the National Fraud authority. The website has a link for reporting a website fraud which could be a virus or a spoof. In the case of a spoof, forward the mail to Action Fraud, for more details on reporting internet crime, visit:
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1. Call your local FBI office if you come across a Web site that contains child pornography. You will find the number for the local branch in the government section of your phone
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While the first thing you need to do is find the. contact page. but once you've found it, there are some things you can do to make sure your error report isn't ignored or set aside
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The best way to report a website is to notify the web provider or domain owner. You should be able to find the domain owner through the website address. They often ...
1. Fill out a "Complaint Assistant" form on the Federal Trade Commission website. Enter the required information into each appropriate field, then click ...
It is important to report any and all illegal websites to the proper authorities. These illegal activities websites engage in fall in various categories and there ...
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