How to Reprogram a Cell Phone?


Every cell phone and carrier has their own way to reprogram some cell phone carriers have the ability to do over the air programing, like Verizon and AT&T. Others like Sprint have you manually program your phone by entering in a msl number that is given to you by a representative either over the phone or in person, then you are guided on how to make your phone realize what your phone number is and a few other things.
Point being every carrier has their own way of programing their phones.
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There are two ways to reprogram your phone the first you can do at home. All you will do is go to your settings, then reset, and from there you can choose how much you want to reset on your phone. If you do not want to do that, just take the phone in to your service provider.
If you have had your cell phone for awhile you may notice that are starting to have problems with it. Over time, cells phones will start to get more and more bugs, and have more problems. When this happens, your first thought may be to go get a new cell phone. Well sometimes all you have to do is do a quick re-programing of your phone and it will be as good as new. To reprogram you will want to first shut the phone off and then turn it back on. After it has completely rebooted you will do a master clear which will completely clean everything off your phone.
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1. Check the number of signal bars on your phone to make sure you're getting a strong digital signal. If you have two bars or less, the reprogramming might fail. 2. Dial *228 on the
How to reprogram a cell phone.Go to your phone's home screen with no menus open. Ensure
you have to learn java programing and so many things. Source(s)
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