How do you reprogram a Liftmaster keypad?


To reprogram Liftmaster keypad you need to look out for the 'smart' button on the side near the antenna wire and press then release it. In a couple of seconds, a red light will start to blink on the motor. You must enter a new pass-code (4 digits) on the keypad within 30 seconds then press enter.
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1. Position a stepladder under the rear of the Liftmaster opener. Look for the square "Learn" button on the rear of the opener. The button is under the wire connections
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Open cover fully Indicator will blink once on go out Press 3-5-7 Pres.
Sometimes YOUTUBE has instructions just enter in the search the name and model number and say how to program or what ever your needing to know.
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How to Reprogram a Liftmaster Keypad
LiftMaster is among the most used garage door systems in the world, and features a variety of the technologies seen on competing brands like Chamberlain and Stanley. One such capability, the remote keypad, allows you to open your garage door with a... More »
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