How do you reprogram a Liftmaster keypad?


To reprogram Liftmaster keypad you need to look out for the 'smart' button on the side near the antenna wire and press then release it. In a couple of seconds, a red light will start to blink on the motor. You must enter a new pass-code (4 digits) on the keypad within 30 seconds then press enter.
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1. Position a stepladder under the rear of the Liftmaster opener. Look for the square "Learn" button on the rear of the opener. The button is under the wire connections
Locate the smart/learn button on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go. Press and immediately release this and then walk over to the keypad and key in any
No - as you see in step 1 below, the factory code must be entered first. Programming your own personal entry code 1. Enter factory set code (keypad will illuminate when pressed).
Open cover fully Indicator will blink once on go out Press 3-5-7 Pres.
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How to Reprogram a Liftmaster Keypad
LiftMaster is among the most used garage door systems in the world, and features a variety of the technologies seen on competing brands like Chamberlain and Stanley. One such capability, the remote keypad, allows you to open your garage door with a... More »
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