How to Reset a Dislocated Jaw?


The most common way to dislocate your jaw is to have a huge yawn that dislocates the jaw and locks it open. The best way to fix it is to pull gently but forcefully down on the jaw. It will hurt, but needs to be done to pop the jaw back in place. It is best to go to the doctor, than to do it yourself.
Q&A Related to "How to Reset a Dislocated Jaw?"
Preparation Calm the injured person down. Determine quickly whether or not reducing the dislocation (putting the bones back in line) is necessary (see "How to Decide Whether
Injection of a numbing medication near the joint and the jaw muscles often allows
motorcycle accident. Assault. Industrial Accident. Recreational or Sports Accident. Yawning. Eating( Chewing on steak etc)
Safe practices in work, sports, and recreation, such as wearing a proper helmet when playing football, may prevent some accidental injuries to the face or jaw.
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