How to Reset Clock Chimes?


To reset clock chimes you must first make sure it is level by putting a level on top. Move the minute hand clockwise to the next quarter hour and pause and let the chimes do their thing. Don't touch the our hand, it will move on it's own. Keep doing that until you get to the right time. Wind the clock and restart the pendulum. The chimes should reset within 2 hours.
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Chiming clocks have a particular charm but since most of them have been manufactured several decades ago, it is not at all uncommon to experience problems with the synchronization between the chimes played and the actual times shown by the clock. Some clocks are designed with an automatic correction device. In lack of such a device or if it is not functioning correctly, you can reset clock chimes also manually. Simply drag the minute hand back fifteen minutes, then push it forward past another fifteen minutes and so on an so forth until the time matches the chimes.
Once you have wind up both spring motors of the clock, turn the minute hand around til your here the chime. Next, count how many times the chime sounds and set the hour hand to that number. Lastly, take the minute and and turn till the right time is set, start your pendulum and you are set.
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1. Stop the pendulum on the grandfather clock when it starts to chime and mark the time. This is to make sure that the chime is operating at the designated time on the clock. 2. Remove
Hi Darryl, For correcting the hour strike, see my answer to "Walt - 1915 Sessions Mantle Clock Chimes." If this is a modern clock the quarter-hour chime should correct
Hard to do. If a vintage wind up, let the chime spring totally unravel, then advance the clock to the next chime coming, such as 4 bells, then rewind. If electric, and equipped with
More info needed. But i will try to help. When you say "chime" i assume it plays westminster every 1/4 hour if so it will correct it self within 1 hour If the hands have
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