How can one reset a Cobra car alarm?


To reset a Cobra car alarm, hold the two grey buttons down on the remote until the light goes out. After the light goes out, press the large button twice. It should be reset.
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1. Turn the motor off and remove the keys from the ignition. Open the hood and remove the negative cable from the battery with the adjustable wrench. 2. Open the driver door and find
1 Make sure the drivers front(left front) door is closed and you have your car keys. Ad 2 Insert your door key into the drivers door and turn it to the locked position two times.
Hold the two Grey buttons at the same time beside the car wait for the light for going out then press the larger one twice.
I have the installation and users book for the cobra 3100 series G193 3193 series if you want a copy email me and I will scan and email a copy to you, It has how to reprogramme remote
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