How does one reset the Motorola H700?


To reset the Motorola H700, first close and turn off the headset's microphone. Turn on the Bluetooth search option on your phone and select hands free. The select the Motorola H700 and enter the passcode 0000.
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1. Close the headset's boom (microphone) and wait for the indicator light to turn off. Open the headset's boom the and wait for the indicator light to display a purple light. According
What do mean reset? If you don't have the owners manual go to and click SUPPORT. There you can find the manual and instructions to get it to pair up with
Turn off your phone charge it all night. Do the same to your Bluetooth headphone. Now after you are sure that both the devices are fully charged, go ahead and turn on your Phone.
I think there are some H700 headsets which support smart find. If this is your case, you must ensure that all the bluetooth enabled devices, which have been previously paired with
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How to Reset a Motorola H700
The Motorola H700 is a Bluetooth headset that enables hands-free chatting on your Bluetooth-compatible phone, and connects to your mobile phone via pairing. According to the Motorola manual, you may need to restart the device if your Bluetooth headset is... More »
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